About the Photos

The photos at the top of each post and page randomly rotate among photos that family members or I have taken of just about anything.  Each photo is selected because it makes me think about finding what’s right in life whether its celebrating, exploring new places and things, creativity, having fun, finding new answers, achieving something important, preserving nature, appreciating something beautiful, admiring other cultures and peoples, or being with someone you love.  The photos aren’t meant to match up with the posts.  But, interesting combinations do occur.  If they are insightful or profound, that’s what I had in mind. If they are bazaar or a little disturbing, remember, they are random acts.

Have fun exploring what comes up.

I want to acknowledge the Timberline Theater Company at Timberline High School.  I had the honor for a few years of taking pictures of their productions for publicity and cast member momentos while my wife did their costumes and helped in many ways.  I’ve included some of their pictures here as those productions were remarkable projects and represented the sort of engagement and commitment to finding ways to make things go right that we should all aspire to in our projects.

I also want to acknowledge Camp Sealth on Vashon Island, WA.  Camp Sealth, part of Camp Fire USA, is a wonderful residence camp that hosts traditional summer camp and year round environmental education on the shores of Puget Sound.  Our family has participated in and supported the camp for over 20 years and it’s helped shape our lives for the better.  Some of the pictures are memories from camp.


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