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Glennheadshot2“The Other Side of Risk” exists to help people deliver successful projects by finding what can go right on their projects.  About me – Glenn Briskin:  I’m a long time project management consultant and now a state employee working with organizations around Washington State’s beautiful Puget Sound.  I’m a certified Project Management Professional and have a Master’s degree in Management.  I work primarily with information technology projects that improve the way state and local governments manage information and deliver services.  These projects are complex.  They involve politics, a wide range of stakeholders, funding processes that are rigid and infrequent, complicated procurement rules, dependencies among many agencies and organizations, and a wide audience waiting for you to (and sometimes hoping that you) goof up.  It’s easy to think about risks on these projects.  But, sometimes our fixation on what can go wrong diverts our attention from what people can do to make their projects go right.  As a consultant, I often did project assessments that looked broadly at a project’s strengths and challenges.  I found that this helped most when it let people better see their strengths and opportunities and how to bring these together in ways that improved their chances of success.  In this blog, I’m sharing observations, approaches, stories, and musings about finding what can go right on a project.  I hope you find it helpful.

Glenn Briskin

January 2013

1 thought on “About Glenn

  1. Glen,

    Stumbled across your blog – have recently been very interested in risk vs positive psychology aspects so gad to see there are others thinking this way. Be keen to keep in contact

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