Jessica Hagy’s Charts – Awesome

I found Jessica Hagy’s blog today.  Thanks, Jack Tollefson, for sharing it on Linked In.  I love it.  Jessica’s simple diagrams communicate compelling messages.

Sometimes Jessica uses Venn diagrams.  I like Venn diagrams because, to me, they illustrate the balance between two essential qualities or positions.  Like risk and opportunity, project management and consulting, scope and outcomes, practicality and perfection, the destination and the journey.  To me, it’s not either/or, it’s the intersection between the two.  Finding the right intersection gives you balance and allows you to move ahead and accomplish great things.  It’s where you find The Other Side of Risk.

Here’s one from Jessica’s blog on Forbes that I like. 

See what I mean.

Thanks, Jessica.

P.S. Since it’s election day:

Dear Those Newly Elected,

Find the intersections. Please.



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