Dan Rockwell reads my mind again. Presenting at the Mt. Baker PMI chapter last month, I encouraged the audience of project managers to imagine an angel on each shoulder. One is the “doer” in us saying “scope, schedule, budget!” The other is the “dreamer” in us saying “find what can go right, imagine opportunities and perfect outcomes…” We need both angels to build the most successful relationships on our projects. Enjoy Dan’s post.

Leadership Freak


There are two types of people in the world, dreamers and doers.

Lazy dreamers are useless. Avoid them.

The way to matter is doing what matters.

Dreamless doers are anchors. Reject them.

The way to matter is pursing dreams.


  1. Look down on doers. They’re narrow.
  2. Define ideas.
  3. Start things.
  4. Plan.
  5. Dreamers – Oh! Look at that blossom – flit like butterflies.
  6. Talk into.
  7. Commit quickly.
  8. Frustrate doers.


  1. Look down on dreamers. They’re frivolous.
  2. Define steps.
  3. Finish things.
  4. Execute.
  5. Stay on task like hounds on scent.
  6. Talk out of.
  7. Commit slowly.
  8. Frustrate dreamers.


Find your counterpart. Dreamers need doers and doers need dreamers. Most aren’t great at both.

Extraordinary success demands dreaming and doing.

A word to dreamers. Doers get more done. Getting them to commit is challenging. Life is filled with tasks they must complete. Adding tasks frustrates because it postpones completion. They love success and certainty.

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  1. Awesome! I’ve been itching to get over to Leadership Freak to read today’s post so thanks for reproducing it here. Love your additions, Glenn. You have no idea how completely relevant and important your post is to me today. Thanks! Nia

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