Come Back?

I’ve been semi-retired for six months and turned 67 this week.  Why am I thinking I need to start-up this blog again?

I left it behind because everyday I’d hear or see something that would make me think “blog post!”.  It was like when I was a photographer for the school paper and yearbook.  Everything was about the photo, not being in the action.  So I stopped carrying a camera everywhere.  With writing, if you are writing you have your camera (brain) wherever you go.  So, I stopped writing.

But I’m starting to think that writing about stuff made me think more deeply about what I was experiencing.  Now, I think “That’s a good or useful thought” and I forget it 5 minutes later.  Kind of like “I’m going to look that up” and then when you sit down to do a search you forget what it was you were going to search.  Sigh.

I read a book from a Google scientist Tan called Search Inside Yourself about being mindful.  Maybe writing is a form of meditation.  You are mostly just thinking about what you are writing and other stuff can wait.

I still work part time helping people with their projects.  Part of me wants to always do that.  It’s the hobby that I’m best at.  But, there are other things to do, too and I’m not great at balancing things out.  Part time grows into a full time obsession.  So, will writing this blog help with that?

My last job was less about project management and more about strategic planning.  Strategic technology planning.  How we apply our money to technology in the ways that get the best results for the organization.  I think I came up with some pretty good ideas.  They were rooted in ideas that evolved over years and were somewhat captured in this blog.  I’d like to write more about strategic planning, technology roadmaps, portfolio management, etc.

So, I guess I’ve restarted.  Let’s see where it goes.

Thanks for reading.

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